Published on January th, 2012

The brain child of songwriter/guitarist, Jonathan Clegg, Salty De Vito is an alternative rock band from Sonoma County/ San Francisco that harnesses strong female and male vocals, sensible song writing, and hard hitting grooves, to create a sound that can appetizingly be described as, a “rock and roll cake with pop frosting.” This six piece/production team is on a mission to win over audiences with their high energy performances, and infectious hooks. Singer, Ali Field, draws all lovers of music into her free-spirited rock and roll world with her sultry voice, and drummer/ Vocalist, Lance Harrington, allows the band to switch up their sound just enough to always keep their set list fresh and exciting.

Inspired by the likes of Jack Johnson, Marilyn Manson, Oasis, Fiona Apple, and the Beatles, SALTY DE VITO crafts songs that are catchy, yet unique, with harmony filled vocals.

Whether they are performing in front of crowds at local bars in the Bay Area, or packing prestigious venues such as the House of Blues Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA,  Salty De Vito brings their distinctive sound, positive energy and engaging presence to every performance.

As the world renowned Prairie Sun Recording Studios describes them: “This quintet knows how to have a good time and definitely knows how to lay down some seriously brilliant performances.  Whether they’re smoothing it out or rocking it out, Salty De Vito uses just enough pop to sweeten just about any musical palate.  Salty De Vito kicks with a lot of rock ‘n roll and an emotional edge that’s hard to stop listening to.”

The most asked question about the band : “Why the dead cat logo?” Let’s just say it involves the real Salty De Vito, a cat that had an untimely death at Jonathan’s home studio during the early years of his song writing career.


Salty De Vito is:

Ali Field, Jonathan Clegg, Dane Steffy, Lance Harrington, Chris Farrell,  & Marco Salvaggio